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Goldie's Jewelry offers a wide range of services including Jewelry Repair, Watch Repair, Silver Repair, Costume Jewelry Repair, Eyeglass Repair, Engraving, Custom Design, Special Orders, Pearl/Bead Restringing, and Enamel Work, all of these services are provided by our expert jewelers, who along with decades of experience promote a friendly atmosphere, most services done while you watch at very reasonable prices.

> Ring Sizing > Bangle Sizing
> Diamond Settings > Installing Screw Backs
> Chain Fixing and Soldering > Silver Repair
> Prong Replacement > Jewelry Appraisal
> Lock Replacement > Engraving
> Hinge Replacement > Pearl and Bead Restringing
> Chain and Watch > Eyeglass Repair
> Fitting Rings for Arthritic Fingers > Jewelry Polishing and Cleaning
> Diamond and Color Stone Restoration > Costume Jewelry Repair

> Ring Sizing:

We size rings of all metals, including platinum, gold, and silver. Sizing of white and yellow gold of any karat is done on premises while you wait. When making the ring larger we add gold to the shank so the band doesn't become too thin.

> Diamond Settings:

Diamond setting is available while you wait and watch. We set diamonds of all sizes and shapes. Before leaving the store our expert diamond setter will scrutinize his work and make sure that the diamond is set properly and securely.We also replace missing diamonds for your item(s) if needed. Different settings include:
-Prong setting
-Bezel setting
-Channel setting
-Pavé setting

> Chain Fixing and Soldering

Chain fixing and soldering is available for all types of chains in all metals such as gold platinum and silver. The chain is soldered with minimal indication of the original break. Our jewelers use high karat gold solder to eliminate any future discoloration of the repaired sections.

> Prong Replacement

Platinum gold and silver prong replacement is done while you watch without the diamond being removed from its mounting. All the worn-out metal from prong is rebuilt and replaced. Retyping is also available for all engagement rings.

> Lock Replacement

Lock Replacement is done on bracelets, chains and necklaces using the lock of your choice in a variety of platinum, gold and silver offerings.

> Hinge Replacement

Hinge replacement on bracelets and necklaces is done so that broken sections do not lose flexibility and movement and become stiff, most items will be restored to their original condition.

> Chain and Watch

Extension is done on chains, bracelets and watches in gold, silver and platinum. We try to duplicate and match the extension to the original as best as possible and in most cases the extension is identical in design, color and look to the original.

> Fitting Rings for Arthritic Fingers

Fitting rings for arthritic fingers is available using a variety of methods to combat the agony of too tight rings or the insecurity of loose fitting rings. This fitting is done on all metals while you wait.

> Diamond and Color Stone Restoration

Cutting and restoring of old minor cut diamond and colored stones is available Old diamonds and colored stones can be cut, removing chips and scratches, restoring your stone’s original beauty.

> Bangle Sizing

Goldie’s offers a variety of solutions for bangles that are too small or too large by cutting or adding matching section.

> Installing Screw Backs

Installing screw backs is done for gold and platinum for diamond studs or colored stones. We also offer special screw backs for babies. We install non-pierced screw backs or clip backs for those who enjoy the look of earrings but do not have pierced ears.

> Silver Repair

Silver repair all types of repairs are performed including chains, bracelets, necklaces, rings, bangles, charms and earrings Silver lock installation

> Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry, Diamond items, and Watches are appraised while you wait. A complete description including color, clarity and carat weight of the diamond and the gold weight of the item are determined. Watches also are appraised considering the make, model and serial number.
The fair market value with the description of each item is separately put on special forms. These forms could be used to insure the items.

> Engraving

All types of engraving done in all languages by hand or machine on all metals. Special hand engraving is available.

> Pearl and Bead Restringing

Pearl and bead restringing on silk string is done in different colors or special plastic coated steel strings. Restringing of pearls with hand-knotted silk string is also available.

> Eyeglass Repair

We repair all types of eyeglasses, frames of all metals including stainless steel and titanium. We utilize the latest technology including micro-welding, and laser technology with no damage to lenses. Expensive prescription glasses and designer sunglasses repaired at a fraction of the original cost.

> Jewelry Polishing and Cleaning

Minor cleaning and polishing is done without any charges.
Professional polishing and cleaning to restore to a new look is also available.

> Costume Jewelry Repair

Costume Jewelry repair on all costume jewelry including hinges, locks, and replacing missing stones (all colors and shapes) soldering, sizing, on bracelets and necklaces, fitting for costume rings , switching from post backs, clips or screw backs.