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A variety of watch services are available for all types of watches: mechanical, quartz and solar powered, repairs are done on premises on new, vintage or antique watches of all brands. Watch restoration available.

> Quartz Watch Repair > Crystal Replacement and Repairs
> Repairs on Mechanical and Self-Winding Watches > Stem and Crown Replacement and Repairs
> Movement Replacement > Dial Refinishing
> Battery Replacement > Watch Bands

> Quartz Watch Repair:

Quartz watch repairs performed on all brands of watches (subject to availability of parts).

> Repairs on Mechanical and Self-Winding Watches:

Repairs Performed on all mechanical watches, including vintage, antique, and modern, winding or automatic (self-winding) watches. (Subject to availability of parts).

> Movement Replacement:

Movement replacement for antique and vintage watches. If you would like to keep the vintage watch, but forget to wind it daily, we can replace the old movement with a battery-operated quartz movement, without changing the look of the watch, the battery powered movement does not require daily winding and keeps more accurate time.

> Battery Replacement:

Batteries available for quartz watches of all brands and are installed with the same brand battery installed by the original watch manufacturer.
Batteries for all clocks and Car alarm batteries are also available.

> Crystal Replacement and Repairs:

Crystal replacement/repairs include all types of watches crystals include flat 1mm to 3mm, mineral crystals, dome crystals, sapphire crystals, and plastic crystals we carry a large inventory in stock for same day installation.

> Stem and Crown Replacement and Repairs:

Stem and crown replacement and repair is done on all types of watches mechanical or quartz in all colors and sizes.

> Dial Refinishing:

Dial refinishing to bring the antique and vintage watches to an original look, old, tarnished and discolored dial can be restored, re-enameled, or re-colored to match original condition.

> Watch Bands:

We carry a variety of watch bands in leather and metal in all colors and sizes.Repairing broken watch bands in stainless steel or gold.
Watch band refinishing and restoring is done on premises for stainless steel of all brands, are restored to new condition.
Watch band sizing for ladies and men’s watches are sized to fit while you wait.