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This 14k yellow gold cuff bangle bracelet is beautiful. This 14k yellow gold bangle features pearls and diamonds. Delicate diamond circles meet in this open diamond cuff with round brilliant diamond touches and a shimmer and sparkle that never gets old!
Rope Cuff Bracelet Pearl & Diamond Cuff An open cuff with open diamond circles!
An open cuff with some intrigue, this 14k yellow gold bracelet shows off a hammered texture on one side and round brilliant diamonds on the other! This simple and chic diamond wave cuff features over one quarter carats of round diamonds. Two diamond squares wrap around your wrist in 14k white gold in this diamond studded open diamond cuff.
This hammered triangle open cuff takes fashion to the next level! Ride this 14k white gold diamond wave open cuff bracelet to fashionista paradise! White Gold & Diamonds in an Open Cuff!
12 round diamonds align in this 14k yellow gold diamond cuff bracelet. Round brilliant diamonds shimmer in this 14k white gold bezel set diamond cuff bangle style bracelet. 14k yellow gold cable cuff bracelet features two diamond sections.
Diamond Cuff! Diamond Cuff Bracelet Diamond Cuff Bangle
This 14k yellow gold flexible open cuff features round brilliant diamonds and has an elegant and cosmic charm with star diamonds! This 14k white gold diamond cuff features two discs of round diamonds, totaling to one third of a carat in round diamond shine! This 14k yellow gold cuff bangle bracelet features a beaded 14k white gold front section connected by a 14k yellow gold twisted rope.
Cosmic shimmer and classic design! Stylish and fun, this open diamond cuff shimmers with glee! Twisted Rope Cuff Bangle
This double flower open cuff features twin diamond coated flowers, giving this unique cuff its glitter! This beautiful open cuff features two leaves set in round diamonds for a naturally magnificent look, available in 14k white gold. This simple cuff features a thin band of 14k yellow gold with diamonds centered in a cluster settings.
These diamond flowers won't ever wilt! This white gold diamond leaf cuff is a natural beauty! Diamond Beaded Cuff
Two center diamond sections create this 14k yellow gold diamond cuff bracelet. This 14k yellow gold cuff style bangle bracelet features one third carats of diamond shine. 11 Round brilliant diamonds glisten in this 14k yellow gold beaded bangle bracelet.
Floral Diamond Cuff Diamond Cuff Bracelet Beaded Cuff Bangle
12 round brilliant diamonds shine with 0.61 carats all in this 14k yellow gold cuff bracelet. This 14k two tone cuff bangle features one half carats of diamonds. This uniquely styled diamond cuff bangle features nearly three quarters carats of diamond shine.
Flower Diamond Cuff Diamond Cuff Bracelet Diamond Cuff Bangle
1.38 carats of brilliant diamond shine are set into this 14k white gold cuff bangle. This 14k white gold diamond cuff bangle features 0.75 carats of round brilliant diamonds. A diamond bangle featuring 0.94 carats of diamond shimmer in 14k white gold.
Diamond Cuff Bangle! Diamond Cuff Bangle Diamond Fan Cuff
Over one half carats of round brilliant diamonds are showcased in this multiple wired layer cuff by gabriel and co. This curved yellow gold cuff features over one carat of round diamonds brilliantly emblazoned over 14k yellow gold in this large cuff bracelet. Shimmering diamonds glisten in this 14k yellow gold diamond cuff in an x shape.
Showstopping Diamond Cuff! Big & Bold Diamond Cuff This X Marks the Spot!
This diamond bangle bracelet features 1.74 carats of diamond shine. This rose gold bangle is styling with almost 2 carats of full round brilliant diamonds. This 14k yellow gold cuff bangle features 2 carats of diamonds.
Diamond X Bangle The X Marks the Spot! Heavy Diamond Cuff